Giardini naxos taormina a piedi

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We wanted to see it during sunrise, but the thickest fog came in the morning so we had to delay our visit till noon. Check out our stories It was already crazy busy the time we arrived, but thanks to our guide, we could manage to take this shot without all the people. This place is just magical and totally worth the hustle. If weather is on your side do not miss the sunrise. Is Taj Mahal on your bucket list? Want to Become an Influencer?

Casa Gallida Panzió Presa

Want to Travel the World? Where are you in the World right now? We woke up before 6am to be the first ones entering the complex. We loved the Treasury but maybe we loved this Monastery more. It was so nice to hike mi a pattanásférge a tájban early in the morning and just watch this beauty in silence with some stray doggos.

Alvási lehetőségek

Lenyugozo volt latni, milyen szepseges komplex epuleteket hagytak az utokorra az itt elo emberek. Malajziaban hozzaszoktunk a mindennapos jo idohoz, igy nehezen viseljuk a szurke, hideg idot. De egy egy ilyen nap uj lenduletet ad!

Usually we celebrate Christmas Eve seperate with Marcell, being with our own families and we meet giardini naxos taormina a piedi the 25th. How do you celebrate Christmas?


Mi Marcival 9 eve kulon toltjuk a 24et a sajat csaladjainkkal, es 25en talalkozunk ujra. Ti hogy unneplitek a karacsonyt? Even there were a lot of people and drones around us, to witness the first rays of the sun on top of a vulcano was just amazing. There was one more cool thing on that day, the mission was to fill a bag with trash that others left there and bring it down from the hill. We were rewarded with coffee and fried bananas at the end.

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It was great to be a part of that cause. We were the only ones, we giardini naxos taormina a piedi a seafood cone and some aperol spritz and this was the best memory of the trip.

Vittunk magunkkal ragcsat es aperol spritzet es vegig csak ketten voltunk. Szuper volt elvonulni a varos nyuzsijetol es felulrol szemlelni a varost.

Appartamenti Mergellina - Napoli

This small town can get crazy busy during the day, so def worth giardini naxos taormina a giardini naxos taormina a piedi up early. Igy elsokent elvezhettuk a napfelkeltet ebben a cuki obolben. A varos megtelik turistakkal 9ora korul, igy mindenkepp erdemes koran kelni. But still we love exploring different cities because of its architecture, local restaurants, culture and the people.

We loved the extravagant architecture of Baku and we tried some tasty food as well.

Giardini Naxos - Piccola Grande Italia

Extravagans epuletek, szuper ettermek, baratsagos helyiek, rendezett varoskep fogadott minket. Funny that we only spent 3years in the tropics but loved it so much it seems like a lifetime. But still feels good warming up ourselves with summer memories from our short trip in Italy.